R series helical gearbox

R series helical gearbox

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R series helical gear hard tooth surface reducer

Product Overview:

    1. R series helical gear hard tooth surface reducer has low vibration, low noise and

high energy saving;

    2.R series reducer is optimized and designed by using international advanced

transmission mechanical model;

    3. The R series reducer is made of high quality forged steel material, rigid cast iron

box, and the gear surface is subjected to high-frequency heat treatment;

    4. R series helical gear hard tooth surface reducer has low energy consumption and superior performance. The efficiency of R coaxial helical gear reducer is more than 95%

    5. After precision processing to ensure shaft parallelism and positioning bearing

requirements, the reducer forming the helical gear transmission assembly is equipped with various types of motors.

      The combination of electromechanical integration completely guarantees the

quality characteristics of the geared motor products.

Structural characteristics:

    1.Small volume and large transmission torque;

    2. High transmission efficiency, low energy consumption and superior performance;

    3. Stable transmission, low noise, large bearing capacity, low temperature rise and

long life;

    4. Smooth transmission and low noise, suitable for long-term continuous work in

harsh environments;

    5. Designed and manufactured based on the modular combination system, there

are various motor combinations, installation forms and structural methods;

    6. The transmission ratio is finely classified to meet different operating conditions

and realize mechatronics;

Performance characteristics:

    1. The RM series specially designed for mixing can carry large axial and radial forces.

    2. Installation method: foot mounting, flange mounting with large and small flanges, easy to choose.

    3. For solid shaft output, the average efficiency is 96% in the second level, 94% in

the third level, and the average efficiency of the R / R combination is 85%.

    4, the use of integrated casting box, box structure stiffness is good, easy to increase the strength of the shaft and bearing life.

    5, small offset output, compact structure, maximize the use of cabinet space, two,

three in the same cabinet.

Technical parameters:

    Torque range: R basic type 85 ~ 18000 Nm, RX type 20 ~ 1680 Nm

    Power range: R basic type 0.18 ~ 160 kW, RX type 0.18 ~ 132 kW

    Speed ratio range: R basic type 3.33 ~ 289.74, RX type 1.3 ~ 8.65, R / R combination type can reach 27001

Structural form:

    R: Shaft extension foot mount RF: Flange mount

    R… F: Foot flange mounting RM: Flange mounting with extended bearing housing

    RX: Single-stage foot installation RXF: Single-stage flange installation


    1.Box: high rigid cast iron with reinforcing ribs;

    2. Gear: high quality alloy steel, the surface is carburized and hardened, and the

teeth are finely processed;

Model number:

   17 / 27 / 37 / 47 / 57 / 67 / 77 / 87 / 97 / 107 / 137 / 147 / 167

Model number:


   R27R17、R37R17、R47R37、R57R37、R67R37、R77R37、R87R57、R97R57、R107R77、R137R77、 R147R77、R147R87、R167R97、R167R107

Input power and allowance torque:

Model No.172737475767778797107137147167
StructureR                     RF
Input power(kw)0.18-0.750.18-30.18-30.18-5.50.18-7.50.18-7.5
Allowance Torque(N.m)8513020030045060082015503000430080001300018000

Model no.375767778797107127137
StructureR X                    RXF
Input power(KW)0.18-1.10.18-5.50.18-7.51.1-113-225.5-307.5-457.5-9011-132
Allowance torque(N.m)


Model No.R17R27R37RR47R57R67R77R87R97R107R137R147R167RX37RX57RX67RX77RX87RX97RX107RX127RX157

Model no.
cast iron