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A. Introduction to the product structure characteristics of Guzuo hollow rotary platform:

1. Hollow structure, servo side connection, convenient for electrical installation; 2. The single-stage helical gear deceleration method is used to increase the output

torque, and the accuracy of the gear level is less than 5;

3. The backlash is controlled by changing the center distance of the gear, so that the

empty return of the hollow shaft rotating platform is extremely small, and the repeat

positioning accuracy is less than 5 arc seconds;

4. The rotating platform is supported by a set of precision crossed roller bearings. The rollers in the bearing are staggered at 90 degrees. The diameter of the rollers is slightly larger than the size of the raceway between the inner and outer rings of the bearing.

There is a pre-tensioning force between the rollers, so that the servo rotating platform

supported by the bearing can withstand various torques such as radial / axial /


5. The hollow rotary platform can be accurately positioned at any angle;

6. The hollow rotary platform can flexibly change the interface size by customizing flanges and input shaft holes, which is suitable for connecting any brand servo motor /

stepper motor.

B.   Application:

1. Numerical control indexing device;

2. Manipulator joint;

3. Fourth machining axis of machine tool;

4. Military radar;

5. Automated production line.

C.Model number:

   PTN060 / PTN085 / PTN130 / PTN200

D.Rated output torque:

   T2N:3.5 Nm - 65 Nm

E.Ratio:    5 / 10 / 18


PTN065 085尺寸图.jpg

Model no.
alloy steel
one year